The Royal Oregon Coast Resort At The Bottom Of The Ocean

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The Royal Oregon Coast Resort At The Bottom Of The Ocean

The Riverwind Casino Hotel is located at the northern tip of Ocean Resort. Named after a mermaid, the beautiful beach area is on the grounds of the hotel and is well known for its pristine beaches and amazing underwater scenery. While the hotel offers rooms in all price ranges, the most expensive rooms are within the Deep Six Lounge, which is situated on the western portion of the hotel and features some of the best food and entertainment in town.

The Deep Six Lounge has a number of slot machines that add to the excitement of the day. Deep Six also provides indoor water slides and speedboats that sail through the ocean waters. Some of the other rooms also feature a pool and hot tub, but the services that come with the rooms are exceptional. For a short time during my stay, I was able to rent a paddle boat that allowed me to go out on the ocean and enjoy the sunsets.

Throughout the western portion of the hotel, there are three fishing piers that make great stops for everyone. They also provide a nice variety of bait and lure. I also enjoyed watching the seagulls, which were quite a sight during my stay.

One of the more entertaining aspects of the Deep Six Lounge is the array of non-stop live entertainment. Each night, guests can enjoy karaoke, cabaret, comedy, karaoke, live entertainment, magic, folk music, and much more. This allows guests to stop by and check out different types of entertainment and to have fun while doing so.

The decorations are very colorful and beautiful throughout the Deep Six Lounge. A number of the wall hangings were not easy to take down and were very impressive. In addition, the lounge chairs are comfortable and made of leather, which I really liked.

While I was in town, I also stopped by the Dive Shop, which is a phenomenal place to find incredible sea treasures. The dive shop is also operated by Derrick Cunningham, who is also the owner of Deep Six Lounge. If you wish to have an open air lunch at the cafe, you will find it available. At the Dive Shop, I was able to purchase a variety of beautiful toys, sea shells, fossils, sea glass, and a variety of other sea treasures.

The Deep Six Lounge also has a nice dining experience. The menu features a large variety of seafood and a plethora of options from sushi to burgers. The hotel even offers a variety of sit down meals, so I would suggest checking it out if you enjoy fine dining.

Riverwind Casino Hotel is just about perfect for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and the wonderful life at the bottom of the ocean. The hotel is near attractions such as Sea World, where they offer shark viewing tours and experiences for the kids. The hotel is also near an amusement park and many other fun activities that guests enjoy.